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Exiles: The Church in the Shadow of Empire (Church in the Shadow of Empire, 2)

Exiles: The Church in the Shadow of Empire (Church in the Shadow of Empire, 2)

ISBN: 9780830785780
  • Author: Sprinkle
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Why do politics divide so many Christians today, when the Bible--not a partisan identity or particular news outlet--should be our ultimate source of guidance on critical issues?

In Exiles, Preston Sprinkle examines how Israel's exile to Babylon, Jesus' mission on earth, and the teachings of Paul all shaped the church's relationship with politics and can inform our own relationship with politics today. In recent years, politics have divided our families, friendships, and churches in shocking ways. What if instead of defining ourselves as Republican or Democrat, we considered ourselves "exiles in Babylon" and turned to Scripture, not political parties, to shape our most passionate values?

As Preston Sprinkle teaches us in Exiles, the first-century church was not an apolitical spiritual gathering, where Christians left their Roman politics at the door. It also wasn't a place where Christians mounted a Roman flag next to--or above--a Christian one. Church was meant to be a place, a family, a gathering where God's plan for governing the world was revealed and practiced, where one could witness what God thinks about economics, immigration, abortion, the death penalty, war, violence, power, justice, sexuality, and what it means to follow the Creator's design for human flourishing.

In this rich and timely book, Preston explores why:

- Prophetic witness--rather than isolation or transformation--is the best approach to the relationship between church and state
- Tearing down walls of ethnocentricism is critical to spreading the gospel
- Israel's exile to Babylon profoundly shaped their political identity
- The Roman empire was in the foreground of Jesus' mission
- Revelation can shape our understanding of political resistance

Total allegiance to either political party is toxic. It dilutes the church's witness, damages our relationships, and weakens our faith. Discover a more biblical, powerful way to live in a secular world. Discover what it means to live in exile.

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