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High Heels and Low Blows

High Heels and Low Blows

ISBN: 9781925914887
  • Author: Valentine
  • Condition: New
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Bee Bloom is a respected modern leader who wholeheartedly believes in kindness. So when a conniving new chairman arrives at the company where she is CEO, she has a fight on her hands.

Lucy Love, once a vivacious TV presenter, now finds herself a depressed, binge-drinking suburban wife. To make matters worse, her husband is facing accusations of harassment.

Rosie Reid has earned a reputation as Sydney's "fixer," skilfully managing crises through her successful PR firm. However, she's growing increasingly tired of covering up for her misbehaving clients.

When their worlds intertwine, the trio forge a pact to support one another. But as their dilemmas intensify, there is one looming question: can they throw the knockout punch and bring down the scheming, controlling men in their lives?

High Heels and Low Blows is Jill Valentine's debut novel which also delves into themes of self-worth, identity, and friendship. With unforgettable characters, dramatic twists and sassy comedy, it is a story that is highly relatable to the modern woman and will leave you asking - which of these fabulous females do I admire the most?

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