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The "Yes, And" Business Evolution: Improv Skills for Leadership and Life

The "Yes, And" Business Evolution: Improv Skills for Leadership and Life

ISBN: 9781738205004
  • Author: Shea-Porter
  • Condition: New
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AS A LEADER, are you struggling with team motivation and communication breakdown?

Is your team experiencing burnout, disconnection, or conflict?

Would you benefit from an innovative training approach that helps you and your team thrive while building trust and connection?

Enter Applied Improvisation, the rising "Yes, And" approach conceived from comedy improv to enhance team building and leadership skills through experiential training.

If you're ready to supercharge your leadership, this book illuminates how the playful practice of improv can:

  • Boost team communication skills, confidence, and collaboration
  • Spark creativity and innovation to sustain your organization's growth
  • Offer new approaches to brainstorming, ideation, and planning
  • Improve employee engagement, retention, and learning and development programs
  • Build an adaptable and agile company culture of learning

The "Yes, And" Business Evolution guides organizations of all sizes to harness the power of improv- for happier people, teams, and leaders.

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