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All Things Lost (Territory)

All Things Lost (Territory)

ISBN: 9798989295104
  • Author: Bunch
  • Condition: New
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In a world ravaged by Resource Wars, society has crumbled, leaving only chaos and desolation in its wake.

Daniel and Eva, two brilliant scientists, race against time to discover the key to survival. As they delve deeper, they discover a chilling secret that could shatter the last remnants of hope.

In the heart of the Basin Territory, their daughter Mia embarks on a perilous quest. She is determined to uncover the truth behind a brutal murder and how it's connected to what her parents are hiding. Her journey takes her through old top-secret tunnels, facing off with her crazy aunt and up against those whom she holds most dear. Can Mia unearth the truth and chart a new course for humanity-and her family-or will the secrets and mistakes of the past be its downfall?

In this gripping post-apocalyptic adventure, the world is on the brink, and the legacy of the past may hold the key to its future. All Things Lost is a pulse-pounding tale of survival, sacrifice, the ravages of a changing climate, and the search for redemption in a world that has fallen apart.

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