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An Empty Embrace: An MM Erotic Fantasy Romance

An Empty Embrace: An MM Erotic Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 9781960534071
  • Author: Mezden
  • Condition: VeryGood
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Submit. Repent. Obey.

Celest was raised to follow. Trained from an early age to be a cleric, the elf has lived his life fully devoted to the goddess of the sun and the doctrine of his citadel. Newly paired with his teammates, Sable, a quick-witted halfling witch, and Viktor, a bull-headed half-orc warrior, the three are swallowed into a dark city, long forgotten by the world from which they came.

There, they find a family wracked by fear.

A man of unquenchable thirst haunts the rain-soaked nights, preying off the living. But, when his interest is piqued upon first meeting the considerate Celest, all else seems unimportant. Armed with unnatural beauty, a silver tongue, and a pleasant smile, the vampire begins his oppressive pursuit to cage the cleric's heart.

AN EMPTY EMBRACE is a chilling tale of queer love and twisted intentions.

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