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Kemetic Spirituality: The Buried Secrets to Spiritual Evolution, the Forgotten Principles of an Elevated Existence, & the Ancient Wisdom of Divine Oneness

Kemetic Spirituality: The Buried Secrets to Spiritual Evolution, the Forgotten Principles of an Elevated Existence, & the Ancient Wisdom of Divine Oneness

ISBN: 9781957718194
  • Author: Vibrations
  • Condition: New
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If you have always known deep down that there is a better way of living, more aligned with nature, & less chaotic than modern living, then keep reading.

In a world where the future of the planet & humankind has become so unstable, it is imperative now more than ever that we evolve as a species.

There is a deep need for us to reconnect with the divinity within us to create a new future & be at one with nature.

We don't need to look far for the wisdom we so desperately need; it lies in the memory of our ancestors.

The words of the Metu Neter that are recorded on the walls of temples & papyruses are the oldest recorded spiritual system known to humankind. By studying these words, we discover the connection between humankind & the deities of ancient Egypt.

When we apply these spiritual principles & laws in our lives, we truly discover how to live in a way that highlights the divine spirit within us.

Kemetic spirituality encourages us to be constantly aware that there is an interconnectedness between humanity & the divine & that the world around us is an extension of who we are.

You'll discover the truth to:

  • Why science & quantum physics may only just now be catching up with what our ancestors knew
  • How to align the laws of Ma'at with your breathing for powerful intention setting
  • Why you may be attracting what you vehemently dislike into your life
  • Kemetic diet secrets to living in a state of high vibrational awareness & becoming as green as Asar
  • A powerful Kemetic approach to chakras you won't find anywhere else
  • The ancient texts Russian scientists used to recreate incredible healing devices
  • Kemetic healing systems to melt away past trauma like ice in the desert
  • Ancient principles that act as spiritual fertilizer for your goals & dreams
  • How to immediately tap into your body's energy channels using one hand
  • The best way to interact with deities, should you encounter them in your healing sessions
  • The soul & Earth chakra technique for super-human vitality
  • The spirit guide/energy placement combo for outrageously effective chakra balancing
  • A *bonus* illustrated Kemetic yoga chapter for supercharged well-being & alignment
  • A treasure-trove of *bonuses*, including a chakra video course with over 4.5 hours of empowering content, energy-tapping videos, powerful guided meditations, & journals.

& so much more...

The forces employed in the creation of the world came from a single divine source. This divine force is within & all around you. By connecting with it using the powerful methods & principles within these chapters, you, too, can harness divinity, regardless of your age, background, race, or gender, just as our ancestors did.

So if you want to step out of a low-vibrational existence & into oneness with true divinity, then turn the first page.

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