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Native Florida Plants for Shady Landscapes

Native Florida Plants for Shady Landscapes

ISBN: 9780813060590
  • Author: Huegel
  • Condition: LikeNew
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"Shaded areas in gardens can be just as appealing as a sunny rose garden. Huegel takes the mystery out of how to use a palette of shade-tolerant Florida native plants to transform dim areas into a beautiful oasis. Follow his expert advice and you'll have it made in the shade."--Roger L. Hammer, author of Attracting Hummingbirds and Butterflies in Tropical Florida

"A volume of useful experience and information that is easy to read and inspiring to put into practice for a better use and enjoyment of shady gardens."--Monica Moran Brandies, author of Shade Gardening for Florida

"This book covers the many nuances of Florida's shade and helps readers select the best native plants for the shady spots in their landscapes."--Ginny Stibolt, coauthor of Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida

"Provides both a comprehensive examination and solutions to the intractable problem of gardening in the shade in Florida."--Rufino Osorio, author of A Gardener's Guide to Florida's Native Plants

Because of Florida's tropical and subtropical climate, it is especially important for the state's gardeners to incorporate areas that provide refuge from the heat and sun. Yet little is available about how to garden effectively for shade so that the end result is varied, attractive, and ecologically vibrant. Until now. Craig Huegel discusses the many variables and complexities of shade gardening in Florida. He explores options for canopy, shrubs, and the colorful annuals and perennials that can tolerate even the darkest of areas. The compendium of flora presented will surprise general gardeners and native plant enthusiasts alike.
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