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The Self-Permission Method: How to succeed at life without using self-discipline

The Self-Permission Method: How to succeed at life without using self-discipline

ISBN: 9780648894254
  • Author: Frazer
  • Condition: LikeNew
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"The most important personal development book written in the last 20 years".

Are you tired of constantly fighting against yourself to do all the things you SHOULD be doing when it comes to exercise, diet, work, finances, and relationships?

Are you afraid that if you don't manage yourself, you'll end up further from your goals?

Is your whole success strategy based on 'pushing through' and 'just getting it done' whether you feel like it or not.

Do you constantly judge yourself for not trying harder, being better, or doing more?


Although self-discipline is culturally celebrated as best practice for high performers, it is the worst kind of motivation. The Self-Permission Method moves away from this harsh, critical, abusive self-discipline, and is the next frontier in the evolution of human consciousness. The thinking that has once been seen as best practice for ambitious humans to get the most out of themselves is now out of date and in need of a radical overhaul.


The Self-Permission Method is the updated way forward and a clear upgrade in the way you access motivation, peak performance, and success.

Within these pages is a framework that will enable you to make the switch from self-discipline, stop being your own worst enemy and finally be free to reach your true potential.

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