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Winds of Time

Winds of Time

ISBN: 9798988869627
  • Author: Marie
  • Condition: New
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After a life on the move, tragedy orphans a young sixteen-year-old Morra. When family members she never knew of take her in, she discovers her mother had been running for a reason-an ancient secret, and a hidden destiny.

Now thrust into a chaotic world of time travel, Morra must figure out her own destiny. Soon she finds herself traveling across centuries, coming face-to-face with some of history's most powerful figures; discovering secrets once kept hidden. With each passing day, Morra comes closer and closer to uncovering her true destiny - one linked inextricably with fate itself.

She must learn to navigate a strange new life, a love that she had never expected, the legacy of her family's actions, and a quest to find and save a parent she had never met.

With every struggle, every twist and turn, the question remains: will she be able to save her father or will she forfeit his life for another's? And amidst all this chaos, will she ever find a home to finally call her own?

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